- High resistance steel structure.

- Four section bed frame in ABS polymer.

- Removable head and footboard in ABS polymer with decorative wood veneer finishes.

- Safety split siderails in high impact polymer (ABS).

- Positions driven by three maintenance free IPX4 linear actuators.

- Control in the siderails to effectuate the positions.

- Electrical specifications:100-240 VAC, 50 - 60Hz, 1.5 - 0.8A. Stand by power consumption <5W. Full load consumption 160W

- Six-inch polyurethane casters with a central locking system.

- Nylon IV pole sockets

- Adjustble stainless steel IV pole. 

- Drainage bag holders.

- Safety straps holders for thorax and legs.

- Mattress retainers.


Finishes: Electrostatic epoxy-polyester powder coating paint.


Length: 205 cm.

Width: 111 cm.

Height Range: Min. 50 cm Max. 80 cm.

Mattress Support Frame: 

Length: 190 cm.

Width: 90 cm.


Load Capacity: 220 kg.

Electric Hospital Bed Quaxar Ref. 352001

Structure: Gray
Metal Cover
  • Electric hospital bed designed for care and recovery of patients in hospital wards and long term care units.

  • Backrest: 0 - 80º
    Knee gatch: 0° - 40º
    Height: min. 50 cm /max. 80 cm.