- Cold rolled structure.
- High impact polymer surface.
- Drawers with silent runner system.
- Removable polymer medication dispensers with identification label holder.
- Push handle.
- General drawer blocking.
- Stainless steel cotton tray.
- One liter plastic disposal container
- Temporary classification remains locker.
- Rectangular pipe base with plastic bumpers.
- Five inches plastic casters with double locking.


Finishes: Electrostatic epoxy-polyster powder coating paint.


Length: 100 cm.

Height: 95 cm.

Width: 59 cm.

Drawer load Capacity: 15 kg.


Weight: 40 kg.

Medicine Cart Nova Ref.824200

Structure: Gray
Lower Drawers
  • Hospita cart for transport and storage of medicines.

  • It includes four drawers, each one, with five plastic compartments and label holders for the patient identification.

    Three auxiliary storage drawers for medical supplies. Medicines compartments made out of smooth and washable injected high resistant polymer of 1.8 liters.