- Cold rolled structure.

- Stainless steel handles.

- Surface and lower tray with safety rails.

- Drawers with clear acrylic internal divisions.

- Containers holders.

- Three stainless steel containers for different uses.

- Push handles for the cart driving.

- Three-inch maintenance-free casters with locking systems.

Finishes: Electrostatic epoxy-polyster powder coating paint. 


Length: 36 cm.

Width: 44 cm.

Height 85 cm ± 3cm



Height: 19 cm.

Diameter: 12 cm

Capacity: 1 Lt

Container holder: Diameter 14.5 cm


Load Capacity: 30 kg


Weight: 15 kg.

Medication Cart HG Ref.8193

Structure: Gray
  • Hospital cart for transport and storage of medicines and medical supplies.