- Cold roll structure.
- Reinforced surface with a protector rail in the perimeter that helps to the cart transportation.
- Clear acrylic for equipment insulation.
- Adjustable IV Pole with double hook.
- Upper drawer for storage and stainless still pull.
- Lower basket for medical equipment.
- Three-inch casters with individual locking.


Finishes: Electrostatic epoxy-polyster powder coating paint. Clear acrylic in the cart surface. 


Technical Specifications:
Length: 60 cm.

Width: 47 cm.

Height: 80 cm.


Length: 30 cm.

Width: 45 cm.

Height: 12 cm. 

Weight Capacity: 50 kg.


Weight: 13 kg.

Electrocardiogram (ECG / EKG) Cart with Drawers Ref.8126

Structure: Gray
  • Hospital cart to transport equipment and support exams and electrocardiograms.