- Structure in high resistance steel.

- Stretcher surface in cold rolled steel. 

- Mattress made of high density foam of 8 cm thickness covered in waterproof and antibacterial vinyl fabric.

- High impact polymer siderails. 

- Six-inch polyurethane casters with central locking system and fifth wheel steering.

- Bumper wheels. 

- Positions driven by electric actuators.

- Manual Control to change positions.

- Nylon sockets for IV pole.

- Adjustable IV pole.

- Drainage bags holders.

- Safety straps holders.

- Oxygen tank holder.


Finishes: Electrostatic epoxy polyester powder coating paint.



Length 208 cm.

Width 80 cm.

Mattress support frame:

Length 190 cm.

Width 67 cm.

Height Adjustment Range:

Min. 60 cm.

Max. 90 cm.

Load Capacity: 180 kg.

Electric Gynecological Stretcher Ixys Ref.4505

Structure: Gray
Metal Cover

    Electric hospital stretcher for procedures, transfer and recovery of patients in gynecology and obstetrics units.

  • Backrest: Max 75°

    Legs: Max 65° ± 5°

    Tendelenburg and reverse: 15°



    Height: Min. 60 cm Max. 90° cm.