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Structure made of high resistance steel, removable head and footboard made out of clear acrylic, four section bed frame in thermoformed polymer.


Tubular siderails with drop down actuator that keep it under the bed frame, nylon IV pole holders, stainless steel adjustable IV pole, drainage bag hooks, safety straps hooks, mattress retainers, auxiliary basket for the oxygen tank or the patient belongings, maintenance-free six-inch polyurethane casters with central locking system and metal base with plastic cover, 5 inch plastic casters with individual locking. 

 Ruedas en poliuretano de seis pulgadas libres de mantenimiento con sistema de bloqueo central y fifth directional wheel activated by pedals on both sides of the cradle.


Finishes: Electrostatic epoxy polyster powder coating paint.


Technical Specifications:
External: Length 170cm Width 83cm ± 3cm.
Mattress support frame: Length 150cm Width 70 cm ± 3cm.
Height Adjustment Range: Low. 52 cm, High 82 ± 3cm.

Weight Capacity: 120 Kg.

Bed Weight: 80 kg.

Electric Crib Polarix Ref. 351309

Polymer Cover
Metal Cover
  • Pediatric electric crib for care and recovery in special care units and hospitalization wards

  • Back: 70°

    Legs: 40°

    Height: min. 52 cm Max. 82 cm


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