- Structure in high resistance steel.

- Removable head and foot board in ABS polymer with safety pin.

- Three section bed frame in ABS polymer.

- One section siderails in high impact polymer (ABS) with degree indicator.

- Positions driven by four maintenance free IPX4 linear actuators.

- Manual Controllers to effectuate the positions.

- Electrical specifications: 100-240 VAC, 50 - 60Hz, 1.5 - 0.8A. Stand by power consumption <5W. Full load consumption 160W.

- Manteinece free six-inch polyurethane castersl with individual locking system.

- Mattress with anti pressure ulcers surface made out of convoluted foam of high density, adjustable to the different positions of the bed and covered in hypochlorite resistant fabric with antibacterial treatment, waterproof, ergonomic and antistatic.

- Nylon sockets for IV pole.

- Adjustable stainless steel IV pole.

- Stainless steel handles. 

- Drainage bag hooks.

- Adjustable calf supports. 

- Fluid basin in high impact polymer.

- Mattress retainers.

- Safety straps hooks.


Finishes: Electrostatic epoxy polyster powder coating paint.




Length: 226 cm.

Width: 102 cm.

Heigth: min. 54 cm - máx. 84 cm.


Mattress Support Frame:

Length: 206 cm.

Width: 90 cm.


Load Capacity: 220 kg.


Weight: 120 kg.

Birthing Bed Ixys Ref.3522

Structure: Gray
Metal Cover
  • Electric hospital bed for obstetric procedures, labor, care and recovery of postpartum

  • Backrest: 0º - 75º
    Legs Section descent: 15 cm.
    Height range: Min. 54 cm  - Max. 84 cm
    Trendelenburg: 14º.
    Reverse Trendelenburg: 8°